Prigozhin: Ministry of Defense does not give shells, the front may soon collapse

Yevgeny Prigozhin says in a new address that his agreements with the Defense Ministry on the supply of weapons have failed to materialize. In his video message published on his press service channel, he states that his troops received only 10% of the requested weapons.
In addition, he calls appointed General Surovikin, who was supposed to resolve the problems of coordination between the Defense Ministry and the Wagner PMCs, performing the functions of an extra. At the same time, according to him, the Ukrainian troops are “tearing up the flanks,” while the 72nd Brigade, covering the Vagnerians, left an important bridgehead and fled from their positions. PMC units will stay at the front for a few more days, according to Prigozhin. But the lack of supplies will entail their destruction. After that, there will be nothing to hold the counterattack of the AFU, and the front may collapse, and “the Ukras will enter Moscow”. Prigozhin stated several times during his address that for those in power, problems at the front could end in defeat in the war and that “they would be raised on pitchforks in their houses on Rublevka”. Prigozhin blamed the head of the General Staff (Valery Gerasimov) personally for the supply cuts. At the same time, according to the oligarch, the industry produces the shells needed by the front, but the staff officers form a reserve out of them without transferring them to the troops. “The happy grandfather thinks he is well off”, Prigozhin said, and suggested that the country should think about what to do “if it turns out that this grandfather is a complete s***t.
“Today our main enemy is not the AFU, but these bastards (military bureaucrats – ed.)”, said the owner of the PMC.
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