Ukraine reported shooting down 35 drones that attacked Kyiv

Russia attacked Kyiv with Shahed kamikaze drones on the night of May 8. The Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that they had shot down all 35 of the 35 drones. The drones were launched from the Seshcha airfield in the Bryansk region.
It is reported that there is destruction in different districts of Kyiv as a result of falling debris. Five people were injured. This was reported by the head of the Kyiv city military administration Sergey Popko.
Also on the night of May 8, Russian armed forces attacked the Odessa region with X-22 missiles fired from Tu-22m3 long-range bombers. There were reportedly eight launches from the area of Cape Tarkhankut in Russia-annexed Crimea. According to the Ukrainian military, the missiles hit a warehouse of one of the food enterprises and a recreational area on the Black Sea coast.
On May 4, Russia attacked Kyiv and Odessa with kamikaze drones. At the time, it was reported that the air defense of the Ukrainian capital shot down all the drones. In Odessa, 12 of the 15 drones were destroyed. The rest struck the dormitories of one of the city’s educational institutions, resulting in a fire. No casualties were reported.
In mid-September last year, the Ukrainian Armed Forces first claimed to have shot down an Iranian drone over the Kharkiv region. According to them, it was a long-range kamikaze drone Shahed-136. At the same time, photos of the drone with the inscription on its remaining part M214 Geran-2 were published. Since then, Ukraine has regularly reported about downed Iranian drones.
At the time, Iran and Russia denied supplying drones to the Russian army. In November, Tehran admitted supplying Russia with drones – “a small number of them even before the start of the war in Ukraine. Ukrainian Defense Ministry intelligence claims to have data that the propeller of at least one drone was made after the start of the Russian invasion.
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