Head of the Ministry of Digital: The register of military registration will work by the fall draft

The register of persons liable for military service will not be able to be launched “in full” until the beginning of the autumn draft. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Digital Maksut Shadaeva, answering a question in one of the industry telegram channels.
“The exact timing of the launch of the registry will be determined after the adoption of the law, but most likely, it will be possible to launch it in full no earlier than the beginning of the next fall conscription”, Shadaeva said.
She noted that citizens will be registered automatically, and it will be possible to check the availability of summonses and restrictive measures in “Gosuslugi”.
According to him, these measures are allegedly not related to mobilization, but were created to avoid the mistakes of the previous emergency draft, when the military authorities were taking people with the right to deferment.
“Now the bet is made on attracting contract servicemen to service on a voluntary basis. Many regions have already begun to actively advertise the possibility of entering military service under contract”, assures the official.
“I understand all the nervousness around this topic. But the task at the entrance is as follows – those who can be drafted and who meet all the necessary requirements should receive subpoenas for military service. All those who should not receive subpoenas should not receive them”, Shadaev assured.
The Defense Ministry is developing the register of military registration by order of the Defense Ministry in order to ensure actualization of data on citizens on military registration.
In the registry, information about marital status, residence registration, place of work and other aspects of life of a potential conscript will appear online.
In the personal office on “Gosuslugi” citizens will be able to find out their military enlistment office and the status of their right to deferment, as well as to submit an application to correct errors, in addition, the user will receive notification that he has been issued a summons, as well as on restrictive measures related to evasion from service.
The law on introduction of electronic summonses was adopted in the third reading on April 11. On April 12, the Council of Ministers will consider it. In addition to the electronic summons, the document threatens military recruits with the loss of their rights.
The draft law provides for automatic registration – when a citizen reaches the call-up age, obtains citizenship or changes his place of residence, the state itself will register him at the appropriate military registration office.
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