Half of Russia’s population is dehumanized

Yevgeny Komarovsky: “The entire civilized world has been confronted with an absolutely unique phenomenon: a huge country with a huge population, with at least a secondary education, can be turned into anything by diligent propaganda work. Russians were led to believe that there was a sea of opportunity in the country for them if they stayed out of politics and prevented Putin from making decisions for them. When it turned out that this figure was incapable of solving anything and had led the country into the abyss, the Russian population had to justify this choice on principle. If the Russian state, on the one hand, engages in propaganda and, on the other hand, blocks any opposition to its dissemination, then an information field is created in which only strong brains can survive. In Russia, from my point of view, 10% of citizens are sane and half of the total population has been dehumanized by aggressive propaganda”.

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