U.S. Set To Slap Sanctions On Russian Officials, Entities

The United States is planning to announce sanctions targeting several Russian officials and entities as early as April 15, according to news reports.

As many as 30 entities are expected to face U.S. sanctions for election interference or a hack into U.S. government and corporate computer networks last year, unidentified sources quoted by Reuters and Bloomberg said.

The sanctions also target about a dozen individuals, including intelligence officials. The action is expected to include the expulsion of as many as 10 Russian officials and diplomats, the reports said.

Neither the targeted entities nor the individuals were named in the Reuters and Bloomberg reports.

President Joe Biden’s administration has been signaling for weeks that it is preparing to make a major response to the cybersecurity breach affecting software made by the company SolarWinds.

U.S. intelligence officials and technology companies have said the intrusion, discovered in December, was likely the work of Russian hackers. Moscow has denied any involvement.

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