Dynamics of public sentiments in Russia

Dynamics of public sentiments in Russia.

  1. The socioeconomic situation in Russia and the prospects for its development in the short and medium:term.
  2. Is the “fridge” starting to triumph over the TV? If so, does it give reason to expect an increase in protest sentiment in Russia in the foreseeable future?
  3. What steps could the authorities make to restore the confidence of the Russian people?
  4. Do the “Putin myth” and the “Soviet myth” exist in Russian public consciousness? If so, how do they relate and what are the short and long term survival prospects of both?

Moderator: Dmitri Nekrasov – politician, economist

Speakers: Andrei Illarionov – economist, op:ed columnist; Anastasia Nikolskaya – psychologist, senior researcher at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, assistant professor of psychology at the Moscow State University of Design and Technology; Maxim Trudolyubov – columnist for the International New York Times, Vedomosti, InLiberty; Igor Yakovenko – journalist, op:ed columnist, project manager for the International Public Tribunal

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