Ivan Tyutrin — member of the Standing Committee of the Free Russia Forum (FRF), the mentor of the Regional Activist Network Program of the PR-RFR

He was born in Tomsk in 1981.

In 2003 graduated from the Historical department of Tomsk State University.

Upon graduation within three years he worked as teacher of history of social studies in secondary school No. 8. Then since 2007 taught history of international relationships in Tomsk State University.

Since the foundation of the United Civil Front in June 2005 headed Tomsk regional department of the UCF and is member of the Bureau of the Federal Council of UCF. In May 2008 joined the National Assembly of RF and its Council.

Since 2008 till 2013 – member of the Federal political council of ODD “Solidarity”.

Since 2010 till 2012 – executive director of ODD “Solidarity”.

In 2011-2012 participated in organization of mass protest moves of the Russian opposition.

In March 2016 together with Garry Kasparov was organizer of “Free Russia Forum” in Vilnius.

In April 2018 was elected as member of the Permanent Committee of the Free Russia Forum, on the first meeting of the Permanent Committee was elected as its responsible secretary. He coordinates work of “Employee Pool of Free Russia” project. Lives in Vilnius (Lithuanian Republic). Married, raises son and daughter.