Andrei VOLNA: “The iron, electric shock torture, beatings – everything as they like it…”

Now I don’t know what one can do (or not to do?) in Russia to avoid being imprisoned and killed.

Farmer Aleksandr Demidenko lived in the Belgorod region. No, he didn’t write pamphlets online. And didn’t make fiery speeches. Aleksandr simply helped Ukrainian refugees since 2022. Hosted them in his home, found clothes, food.

Escorted Ukrainians to the only, then still functioning, pedestrian crossing between the countries.

Helped those whom Putin’s Russian troops came to “protect”.

He was detained several times, released, then found World War II artifacts in a barn.

Further quoting the Important Stories Telegram: “Iron, electric shock torture, beatings – everything as they like it”.

The FPS (FSIN) claims that volunteer Aleksandr Demidenko committed suicide in the pre-trial detention center. His relatives talk about torture.

The press service of the Belgorod Department of the Federal Penitentiary Service said: the official cause of death – suicide, reports the local edition of

According to the interlocutor of Important Stories from Aleksandr’s close circle, the family has not yet seen the body of the deceased. Now the relatives are engaged in drawing up documents to receive him.

The Federal Penitentiary Service said that the death of the volunteer was stated on April 5 and sent a telegram to Demidenko’s wife Natalia the same day. According to Important Stories, the volunteer’s relatives received the notice only on April 8. The telegram was sent through his lawyer, who came to visit Demidenko in the pre-trial detention center and learned about the death of his client.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, the FPS officers did not call Demidenko’s relatives to inform them of his death, although they had the numbers: his wife had previously been summoned for questioning.

Demidenko was “detained” on October 17, 2023 by fighters of the Chechen battalion Zapad-Akhmat patrolling the Russian-Ukrainian border in the Belgorod region. The volunteer was beaten, the media published photos of bruises.

The interlocutor of Important Stories claims that Akhmat fighters not only beat Demidenko, but also tortured him with an iron and a stun gun, but the volunteer did not report the torture, and here’s why: “They said that they would take him to Chechnya and nobody would find him afterwards, and threatened his wife. He was still trying to commit suicide at the time”.

In addition, Demidenko’s car, bought on credit, was stolen, the source claims: “The car disappeared after being detained by Akhmat, the lawyers tried to find it, but the traces of the car are lost. I don’t know whether they killed him themselves or drove him to suicide.
To me, this is just another murder”.

Bright memory to the Russian Aleksandr Demidenko, a pure man and a true hero of the resistance.

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