Igor EIDMAN. Statement of guilt

From the statement of the Investigative Committee: “On the instructions of the coordinator, the terrorists drove toward the Russian-Ukrainian border in order to cross it and get to Kyiv to receive the reward promised to them”.

What is this, if not a statement of guilt by the Russian authorities, an admission of responsibility for the massacre at Crocus?

If the terrorist attack had really been organized by the Ukrainians, it would have been extremely unprofitable for them if the terrorists had tried to break through the carefully guarded border zone, in a car known to the whole world, with a hundred percent chance of being apprehended by Russian security forces at the Ukrainian border. Why would Ukraine want to set itself up like that?

But it was perfectly logical for Russian security services to chase the perpetrators with the promise of money towards the Ukrainian border in order to pin the terrorist attack on Ukraine. This is exactly what a certain “coordinator” did. Thus, the IC testifies that this person was a Russian provocateur.

So the IC in the investigation of the terrorist attack came out on itself and colleagues from the FSB.

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