Leonid NEVZLIN. Manure sellers

Russian law enforcers quite predictably – after the publicly declared installation of Vladimir Putin, Nikolai Patrushev and company – continue to attract Ukraine to the terrorist attack in Crocus. Lukashenko spoiled the billet about “a window for terrorists from Ukraine”, and had to urgently reorganize.

After all, it is necessary to fulfill the Kremlin’s instructions, and therefore the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation began to fabricate a financial trail, allegedly proving the connection between the alleged terrorists and “Ukrainian nationalists”. They also reported on the arrest of a certain suspect who “participated in the scheme”.

It can be assumed that the confession of this mysterious suspect will become the “queen of evidence” about Kyiv’s involvement. Some murky and unprovable story about cryptocurrency wallets and crypto exchanges will be attached to it.

As John Kirby aptly put it about the Russian authorities’ attempts to prove Ukraine’s involvement in the attack, “the best manure salesman often carries samples in his mouth. Russian officials seem to be pretty good sellers of manure”.

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