Alfred KOCH: “One fool can doom his own country to a shameful defeat”

Two years and 34 days of war have passed. ISW maps show a slight advance by the Russians west of Avdiivka, but otherwise the situation has hardly changed in the past 24 hours.

Today Zelensky spoke with the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Johnson. He asked him to put the bill on aid to Ukraine to a vote. It was like wink to a blind horse. Johnson was deaf to his plea.

Just as he was deaf to the appeals of Biden, Scholz, Macron, Sunak, Meloni and the speakers of the parliaments of 23 countries. I think he is an idiot. He cannot get the simple truth that with every day of his personal procrastination, people are dying who might not have died.

And he understands perfectly well that sooner or later he will have to put the issue of aid to Ukraine to a vote. In the form of gratuitous aid or a loan – it does not matter. Moreover, he even publicly admits that it should certainly be done. And yet – he does not do it.

We have been told for a long time that American democracy is unique, that the founding fathers of the United States thought everything through so well, and that the system of checks and balances is so perfect that this system works even if there are idiots or scoundrels sitting in it.

And here is the result: one idiot can turn a great country into a laughingstock and no one can do anything about it. Not the President, not Congress, not the Supreme Court, not the glorious American press, not the people, who even have the right to rebel. No one can do anything about it.

One moron can doom his own country, which is one step away from victory (and by other people’s hands) over its systemic enemy (who has appointed himself as such), to ignominious defeat, and no one can stop him. If this is not treason, then what is treason?

And this victory requires only $60 billion, i.e. 7% of America’s defense budget. Why does the U.S. spend $700 to $800 billion on defense every year if it loses one war after another so ignominiously and shamefully? Tell these guys in Washington that losing wars can be done much more cheaply.

America has created a huge, the best military machine in the world, but at the critical moment it is afraid to use it. It reminds me of a Rolls-Royce owner who doesn’t drive it because he’s afraid of scratching it. How can I explain to him that you might as well not drive a Ford?

What’s the point of all these aircraft carriers and thousands of fifth-generation warplanes if some slimeball like Sullivan gives up everything in a few rounds of negotiations with guys who threaten to scratch the word “fuck” on his Rolls-Royce?

Of course, if you are pacifists and against war under any circumstances, then I understand and am even willing to respect such a position. But then why 800 billion? You can do all this ten times cheaper. And even then you would have the biggest military budget in the world!

The strangest thing is that sometimes (when – it’s impossible to predict in advance) America suddenly chooses some point on the globe and attacks it with all its military might. And leaves behind a desert and hundreds of thousands of corpses, without solving any of its problems. And how, pray tell, is such a democracy better than German or, for example, Polish democracy, which at least do not organize such senseless bloodletting all over the world?

For once, they finally got together to do the right thing and help defend the victim of aggression. But even here one dunce stopped everything at the most crucial moment. And this democracy is considered the best in the world? God be with you! For me, there are many democracies that are much more effective. Take the Swiss. Which is older than the American one.

Okay, that’s enough. Tomorrow I will write about the Verkhovna Rada, which went on a two-week vacation without passing a single law. And about the World Russian People’s Council of Gundyaev–Malofeev, who proposed to consider the “Russian world” boundless. And today I have no strength to comment on this.

Glory to Ukraine!🇺🇦

The confrontation between the Netanyahu government and the White House is escalating. So far no one is going to concede anything. It’s sad. That’s the way it is.


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