Igor Eidman: “The Russian authorities have nothing to present as values but orientation and toilets”

In Soviet times, confrontation with the West was explained by the ideological antagonism of the two systems. They had the world of violence and pure money, while we had the most just society and collectivism, they had the chaos of the market, we had rational planning, they had private property, while we nationalized everything a long time ago, they had corruption, while we had the OBKhSS.

When the mad Putin started the war against Ukraine and a new round of confrontation with the West, this too had to be ideologically justified somehow – to explain to people what values it was being fought for. The collapse of communism required ideological arguments other than the charms of social equality, collectivism, and planning. The new values of post-Soviet Russia must have been searched for a long time, literally by day, but they found nothing but gender-appropriate M and F toilets. In the words of Governor Beglov, who of course wanted to please Putin in this way, the Russian authorities have formulated the essence of the modern ideological confrontation with the West: they have three toilets, including one for the gender-neutral, and we have two, only the correct ones: M and F.

This is not a joke, homophobia and hatred of LGBT is the core of Russian ideological propaganda, a broken record of Russian officials starting with Putin: they have parents number one and number two and we have dad and mom, they have gay parades and we have parades of straight athletes, they have 10 genders and we have only men and women.

The Russian authorities simply have nothing else to present to the population as the values they supposedly protect, except for orientation and toilets. During the Soviet era, the ideological justification for the Cold War was based on a detailed ideology and the experience of a unique social experiment (albeit a failed and even criminal one, as we now know). The current attempts to ideologically fund a new confrontation with the free world are simply stupid and pathetic. They testify to the intellectual poverty, if not mental backwardness, of the Russian authorities.

Unlike the first Cold War, the current one has no serious ideological reasons. It is a consequence of the imperial paranoia of a deranged dictator who is being served by a servile entourage. Without Putin, Russians will quickly forget that they need to protect their main, and for many the only values they have against the West – chaste asses and public M and F toilets.


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