Ivan TYUTRIN: “A whipping boy is bound to be added to the technical candidates”

In an interview with Radio Liberty, the co-founder of the Free Russia Forum expressed his attitude to the upcoming “presidential elections”.

– For any sane person, it is quite obvious that the institution of elections does not exist in Russia, – says Ivan Tyutrin. – There is no doubt that the figure not only of votes for Putin, but also figures for other “candidates”, and even turnout figures have long been written. The procedure itself, which includes electronic voting, makes it possible to ensure any result down to the hundredth of a percent. The “anti-war and liberal” candidate Nadezhdin won’t get more than one and a half percent, and even if he does, he won’t see it. And then, at the end of the so-called elections, Putin will ride triumphantly into the Kremlin – and the whole world will be shown a picture: here you go, we had a competitive election, there was a liberal anti-war candidate, and he got one and a half percent of the popular vote. Every “electoral cycle” the authorities do the same thing: a whipping boy is added to the technical candidates. But today there is a war, Russian missiles are killing Ukrainian children. And if in 2012 it was possible to find some justification for the accomplices of legitimizing the dictatorship, in 2024, when the genocide of the Ukrainian population is taking place, it is no longer possible to justify them. It is simply shameful, and everyone understands that.

See the full version of the interview here.

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