Igor EIDMAN: “Putin is afraid that the West will rape him”

It feels like the power in Russia has been seized by latent homosexuals who have displaced their natural orientation and become homophobes. Only they can perceive the demonstration of a naked male body and a penis in a sock as LGBT propaganda. They saw a naked man, got excited, got scared of their own desires, decided that they were being seduced, propagandized to enter into homosexual relations, got angry (offended, they really want to, but you can’t!) – and that’s it, they accused the naked man of gay propaganda.

For a straight man, male nudity can’t cause any association with LGBT. But they are displaced neurotics.

Aside from the jokes, Putin’s heightened, pathological interest in gay themes, which used to be expressed in obsessive jokes and is now shaping state policy, reveals a man who has displaced his natural homosexuality and become homophobic.

Below is an old text of mine in which I write more about this.

“Freud believed that reservations and spontaneous jokes manifest “unresolved subconscious conflicts and displaced desires”. A normal heterosexual person would not constantly joke about “gay” topics. Putin, on the other hand, repeats homophobic jokes with enviable regularity. It is obvious that this topic is very acute for him, that some problems, fears, and displaced desires are connected with it. Perhaps this is the reason for such pathological secrecy in his personal life.

In recent jokes, Putin suspects gays of threatening him and others with sexual harassment. He recently demonstrated his confidence that any gay man who finds himself in the same shower with him will molest him, and just in case, he reminded of his wrestling qualifications: “I would prefer not to shower with a gay man. Why provoke him? You know I’m a judo master”.

And here’s another pearl: “Blue uniforms” to where he (Poroshenko) is going, more than we have. And let him not relax especially. Or something might happen. Let him look around carefully”. Here is a typical transfer of one’s own fear to another, in this case – to Poroshenko. I know about the danger of rape by gay Europeans, but this naive simpleton does not.

In this way Putin demonstrates his subconscious fear of gays, and if we dig deeper – of his own homosexual fantasies, which he simultaneously displaces and gives away with homophobic jokes.

Personal psychological problems are a private matter for each individual. And Putin’s cockroaches in his head would not be worth discussing. But unfortunately, the dictator’s problems become his country’s problems. Putin is a neurotic who has spent his entire life displacing and hiding his true desires, fears and inclinations from others. People of this type are prone to lies and unmotivated aggression, which have become the basis for the policies of Putin’s Russian leadership.

It is precisely the subconscious fears that have sexual overtones that shape Putin’s attitude toward the West. It is as if he is afraid of being raped by it, i.e. of being put in a passive, subordinate, humiliated position by militarily and economically stronger Western countries. In general, he sees all world politics as a sado-masochistic relationship where the partners (aka potential sadists and rapists): “Will always strive to put… on a chain. And as soon as they succeed in putting them on a chain, they will pull out their teeth and claws”.

Putin has forever remained a weak teenager from a poor family who took up judo to protect himself from constant humiliation (and on a subconscious level, perhaps, from the phobia of homosexual rape, which was a very real possibility in Soviet society – for example, in the army or in prison)”.

I will not discuss here the long-standing rumors of Putin’s pedophilia. Such a serious accusation requires ironclad evidence, which is not yet available. But he periodically unknowingly talks about his own big problems in the sexual-psychological sphere.

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