Leonid GOZMAN: “The people in Belgorod were killed by Putin, not by Zelenskyy and Zaluzhnyy”

First of all, condolences to the loved ones of the dead, the wounded and all those affected. It is as disgusting to rejoice in their deaths as in the deaths of Ukrainians. Their deaths are a tragedy, no matter how they feel about the war and Ukraine. Even if they rejoiced, they did not deserve to die. And there is nothing to say about the children.

Secondly, we must remember that it was Putin who killed them. He is the one who started the war, not Zelenskyy and Zaluzhnyy or the Ukrainian guy who pushed the button. If Putin had not invaded Ukraine, Belgorod would have remained a peaceful city – no one would have died.

Third, what will or could be the consequences? Solidarity is very underdeveloped in Russia. Society is segmented. And as the majority of people calmly perceive mobilization, if it does not affect their families, so the majority is not worried about the fact that people are dying in Belgorod and other frontline cities. And even if there is discontent, the bosses do not care about it. The effect that the Russian Federation is counting on in Ukraine – fatigue of the population and demands to Zelenskyy to capitulate – they will not achieve it! – is impossible in Russia. The population does not have the ability to demand anything, let alone influence the authorities. And Vladimir Putin personally, I suppose, doesn’t care about Belgorod, as well as about any other city in Russia.

The effect may be for the elites, military and civilian. They see that all the chatter about our increased capabilities is chatter. If it were just civilians, they wouldn’t care either, but after all, everything is happening at the same time with the loss of airplanes and ships. So you, Supreme Commander-in-Chief, can’t protect your army or your country! Shouldn’t you at least retire? The elites can’t do anything directly either. But a drop sharpens a stone!

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