Alfred KOCH: “You attacked the wrong people, asshole. Oh, the wrong ones…”

One year and 312 days of war have passed. Judging by today’s ISW maps, nothing has changed on the front. Everything is plus or minus the same as it was yesterday. And this only strengthens me (and not only me) in the idea that all Putin’s PR about his increased power is nothing more than deception and even, perhaps, self-deception.

Meanwhile, videos of female Russian soldiers being killed are already being posted on the Internet. These are prisoners from women’s colonies who were recruited as nurses, but were thrown into meat attacks as regular fighters. That’s how Putin’s replenishment goes. This is how the power of his army, which so impresses the “quality” Western press, is growing.

Soon the ancient old men from Putin’s almshouses will be driven to the front lines on the promise of a white Lada for their children… Come on, Daddy, get ready! Anyway, you’ll be dead by tomorrow, but at least this way you’ll leave a memory for your children… Put your mark here, and I’ll write in your passport details myself.

You haven’t forgotten how to shoot a gun, have you? But why do you need a machine gun when you’re almost blind? Here’s a shovel. Don’t lose it! And come on, behind the mole, forward… Run over there, that way… Well, sorry, sorry: not run, but walk… Crawl, or something… In short, over there.

Our sins are grave… Pray for the repose of the soul of God’s servant… Hey, old man! What’s your name? I said, what’s your name? Jesus, he’s deaf too… Come on, I’ll take a look myself: I’ve got your passport…

And according to the papers – 400,000 contract soldiers! All in good order! We’ll report to the Chief, he’ll let us steal something. A billion or two from the treasury. For our good works… For the glory of the Fatherland. And a star on the epaulettes, and a medal on the chest… Let it hang: it doesn’t ask for food.

All right, let’s not talk about sad things. Today, one of the largest prisoner exchanges between Ukraine and Russia took place with the mediation of the United Arab Emirates. 230 people returned to Ukraine from Russian captivity and 248 returned to Russia from Ukraine.

Mediation of the United Arab Emirates in the process of exchange of prisoners of war between Russia and Ukraine is due to the established relations of Abu Dhabi with both sides of the conflict. This is reported in a statement of the UAE Foreign Ministry: “The success of the mediation efforts was a consequence of the UAE’s strong friendly relations with the Russian Federation and Ukraine”.

Russians shell Kharkiv for the second day in a row. As a result of shelling of Kharkiv yesterday, January 2, 62 people were injured, six of them are children, one woman was killed. 28 people are in medical centers of the city, four of them are children, two adults are in serious condition.

The Russians are shelling Kharkiv mainly with S-300 anti-aircraft missiles, which are not adapted for hitting ground targets. Therefore, they hit extremely inaccurately and it is impossible to understand where they wanted to hit. The Russians claim that they are aiming at military targets, but in fact this isn’t true.

For example, yesterday they hit a school. So badly that they damaged the city’s water supply at the same time. Now 10,000 Kharkiv residents are without water. Tell this to Putin, who lied again recently that his army shoots only at military targets and only with precision weapons.

The bullshit about missile debris falling due to the fault of Ukrainian air defense (because it shoots them down) doesn’t apply here: debris can, of course, fall on the roof of the school and probably even cause a fire, but they can’t penetrate the ground in such a way as to damage the water supply system. Only a direct hit by the missile itself can do that. What am I talking about, though? Spit in a Putin’s face and he’ll say it’s raining.

And, by the way, is the firing of anti-aircraft missiles at ground targets a matter of “growing power” or desperation? That’s what I mean… The warrior is deflating. Yeah. Patience, gentlemen, patience! You attacked the wrong people, asshole. Oh, the wrong ones…

Glory to Ukraine!🇺🇦

In Israel, the situation in the north is still very tense. As it was on the verge of a big war with Hezbollah, today there was a big explosion in Iran, at the cemetery where General Suleimani is buried. Iranians gathered there on the anniversary of his death. And there was an explosion. More than 100 people dead. Many more wounded. A nightmare!

Ayatollah Khamenei has already spoken and said that Israel will pay a heavy price for this. The U.S. State Department and Israeli authorities immediately said that neither the U.S. nor Israel had anything to do with the bombing.

By the way, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hamas did the bombing: its only chance of survival is if Hezbollah strikes Israel from the north and Iran does something about it. Hamas, apparently, is tired of waiting for them to finally strike, so it decided to “hurry” them up. Especially since Hamas are Sunnis, they don’t feel sorry for Shiite Iranians. There have already been so many bombings in Iran and Iraq, organized by Sunnis against Shiites…

Or maybe Putin decided to encourage his ally, Iran, to go to war against Israel in order to divert attention from his problems in Ukraine. We all realize that everything in Ukraine is not as smooth as he says. In short, everything is hanging by a thread again. Let’s pray for peace in the Holy Land.


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