Aleksandr SKOBOV: “Russian invaders are fighting not for their freedom, but to take freedom away from Ukrainians”

The past year was a year of expansion of the world war unleashed by Putin’s Nazi regime. Contrary to all attempts by the leaders of the Big West and some countries of the global South to localize the conflict. This expansion is expressed not only in the fact that the war involves more and more material and human resources on both sides on its main front –Ukrainian. Russian dictator has knocked out of the modern world order what has maintained international stability since 1945 – the ban on wars of conquest and annexations. And now missile and bomb attacks on Ukrainian cities are destabilizing the entire world.

The swollen tangle of intractable contradictions has already exploded into a new bloody war in the Middle East. Putin’s allies are rushing to open new fronts. Each of them is taking advantage of the situation to capture their local interest. Under the radar. And because they can now. Putin has made it so that it can be done. He’s cracked civilizational taboos. But these are not separate “local conflicts”. These are different sections of a single global front, where civilization is attacked by a single world force with a single goal: to overturn civilization’s bans on violence.

This is a war of freedom and despotism. It is a war of modernization and archaism. It is a war of civilization and anti-civilization. The basic principle of civilization, oriented on the values of freedom, equality, solidarity – you can not take someone else’s. Anti-civilization wages war against all this. It fights for a world where everyone is for himself and you can take everything if you have the power to do so.

Putin’s occupiers showed what the world of anti-civilization will look like in Bucha, and Hamas’s brutalizers showed in Israeli kibbutzim. Hamas is not fighting for the freedom of its people, but to take freedom away from another people. Similarly, the Russian invaders are not fighting for their freedom, but to take away the freedom of Ukrainians. They understand their freedom as the right to subjugate, rape, torture, destroy and dismember another country. For what purpose? Well, for example, to make it love “Russian culture”. This so-called culture of the “Russian world” is the culture of a trivial family rapist who forces love by beating and torturing the object of his lust. For the sake of humiliation and to prove he can force it.

Many liberal critics of Putin’s regime, who had not taken him seriously for a long time, have been shamed. They considered it a backward and ineffective failed regime, unable to pose a real challenge to civilization and the world order. But behind this peripheral, corrupt and, in general, comprador regime was all the dark energy of the world archaic, seeking to overturn civilization. And it has found a valuable ally: the relaxation, myopia and conformism of the Western ruling elites. Their inability to realize what deadly threat, what inexorable evil will they are facing.

It was an illusory calculation that in a protracted war the Russian Federation would quickly exhaust its resources, that the population would be afraid of having their comfort violated by war, afraid of heavy losses, and that the Kremlin would eventually start looking for ways to retreat, to compromise. Western leaders continue to wait for the Kremlin to tone down its stated demands and offer compromise. So they are limiting and stretching out arms deliveries to Ukraine, effectively prolonging the war. This is a mistake. There will be no compromise.

The main resource of the Russian dictatorship turned out to be this very population, on whose fright many counted. They have been poisoned by the poison of Putin’s new Nazism. Over the 20-odd years of Putin’s rule, their moral guidelines have been destroyed. These people have allowed themselves to be convinced that it is possible to take someone else’s money, because in fact everyone does it. In them the sense of personal responsibility, requiring to evaluate the correctness of what is demanded of them, has been destroyed. Power can do anything to them and it can make them do anything. They are not ashamed of anything. They are not ashamed that their country became a fascist aggressor. They are not ashamed that it is causing grief and death. Their conscience is switched off. They do not care about the fate of their neighbors, thrown into the meat grinder. It is easier for them to die at the will of their superiors than to offer their superiors any resistance.

The population of today’s Russia in its majority has been turned into an obedient tool of a clique of geopolitical maniacs, confident in their superiority over the whole world and obsessed with the desire to dictate their will to the whole world. With such a resource, this clique can torture and strangle Ukraine for years to come, hoping that the West will eventually get tired of helping it. But if the West lets Putin strangle Ukraine, Putin will strangle the West as well. And that will be the triumph of absolute evil. The same evil that was fought in World War II. Nazi, Hitlerian evil.

There is no excuse for those who find excuses for Putin’s aggression. But it is not only them who will have to be confronted. Those who call for compromise with the aggressor will also have to be confronted. Those who sow illusions about the possibility of such a compromise. All kinds of “peacemakers” and “conflict freezers”. To those who are “against war in general”. In this war, one cannot be simply “against the war”. You can only be on one side of it. Either you are for absolute evil, or you are against it. In this war, victory is not guaranteed. In it, only more blood, sweat and tears are guaranteed. It guarantees hardship and sacrifice. And only the feeling of absolute impossibility to accept the triumph of absolute evil can give strength for this.

Victory to Ukraine!

Death to the Russian fascist invaders!

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