Leonid NEVZLIN: “Thousands of Ukrainians captured by terrorists”

The British newspaper The Guardian has published an important story about the captive Ukrainians and their families who are in despair.

At least 4,500 Ukrainian soldiers are now in Russian captivity. Their families are often deprived of the most basic information about their whereabouts and condition. At the same time, those who have returned during the exchanges tell horrific stories of humiliation and torture.

The publication quotes Maria Klimyk of the Media Initiative for Human Rights in Kyiv, whose organization interviewed about 100 released Ukrainians. Many of them returned home with injuries to their legs, ribs, lungs and teeth due to malnutrition or physical abuse. Some required amputations. “Almost everyone we talked to was tortured”, she said.

Today, dozens of Israelis, including soldiers, remain in the captivity of Hamas terrorists. Their families are in the same situation, and one can only guess what happens to our compatriots in detention.

Thousands of Ukrainians have also been captured by terrorists, albeit with a more “statesmanlike” appearance. The civilized world should make every effort to immediately release all those held captive by the regimes of figures such as Yahya Sinuar, Vladimir Putin and the likes.

And contribute to the swift destruction of the very cause of the evil being perpetrated.

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