Daniil KONSTANTINOV: “Russia is looking more and more like a big madhouse”

It’s amazing how easy it’s to predict the actions of the Russian authorities lately. Especially at the local level. Just yesterday I assumed that the instigators and participants in the riots in Makhachkala would be sent to prisons and camps, and then to war, and today the news is already passing that they are being offered to “wash off their shame” by going to war.

The truth is, it all happened even faster than I thought it would. They didn’t even need to go through the stages of pre-trial detention centers and camps to be recruited right on the spot and sent to fertilize the Ukrainian black soil. Apparently, I feel the Motherland well, but not as well as I used to. Not “on my fingertips”, so to speak. Everything is done faster and easier now. Steal, drink, to the front. The prison stage is no longer necessary.

I would develop this idea and suggest that the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation apply this practice everywhere, suggesting that ALL detainees and suspects of certain crimes be immediately sent “to the SMO zone”. To wash off the shame as soon as possible.

There is a colossal benefit here. The costs of investigation and courts are minimized, prisons and camps are freed from the influx of new prisoners, and the costs of keeping convicts in the system of “execution of punishment” (sorry, God!) are reduced. There is, however, one consideration that prevents the full realization of this idea. After all, the Russian authorities need the slave labor of prisoners. And if all of them, including potential convicts, are utilized in the fields of Ukraine, who will provide the plan?!

However, I think this problem will be solved. It will not be necessary to utilize all of them, some percentage will be left for the needs of modern Russian slave owners in uniform and out of uniform. In addition, it will free up space for political prisoners, which, apparently, will be more and more. And what kind of a political prisoner is a “hero of the SMO”? None! These political prisoners are unreliable people. It’s better to keep them in the camp laborers with access to the industrial site (for the most harmless and loyal). Let them work and benefit society. For example, make autozaks, so that a worthy replacement could be brought to them in time.

This is such an interesting economy. The economy of closed cycles. You steal, you drink, you go to the front. If you resent something, you go to the camp to work! To make autozaks to bring in the next ones.

But in general, of course, it’s not funny. Russia is looking more and more like a big madhouse. And what seemed crazy yesterday is now taking the form of everyday life.

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