Igor EIDMAN. Unity of cannibals

The terrible images of murders (most victims had their hands tied), violence against civilians, women, children in Israel bring to mind Bucha, Gostomel and other Ukrainian towns. Palestinian terrorists even stole tractors like the Russians in Ukraine.

This is a familiar pattern. However, not only stylistic, but also political unity of cannibals can be seen.

Putin, following the Soviet practice, is trying to pit the Third World, which feels deprived, against the global West, the golden billion, which includes Israel. The anti-Israel policy of the USSR was not so much due to the irrational anti-Semitism of its leaders as to political calculation, confrontation with the United States. The old Soviet rule: in order to crap on the Americans, turn the Arabs against Israel. Now the Kremlin’s desire to divert American attention and resources from supporting Ukraine has been added.

The only difference between the Soviet leaders and Putin is that they did it openly, while he, as a professional spy and silent man, did it secretly, using other people’s hands.

Russia has long been part of a coalition that includes Iran, the Assad rulers of Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas. This coalition could not attack Israel without Russia’s consent, or even probably participation. So Putin is on board.

In recent years, Hamas representatives have traveled to Moscow on a regular basis. I would not be surprised if Russian money and “specialists” arrived in Gaza from Moscow with the same regularity.

Putin has actually restored the Soviet policy of “anti-imperialist solidarity”, including support for “national liberation movements”, i.e., terrorists of all kinds in all parts of the world. Moreover, Palestinian terrorists have always been Moscow’s favorites. They received weapons and other support in the first place. Apparently, in this Putin is repeating the experience of his predecessors.

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