Alina VITUKHNOVSKAYA. The Crisis of the Unmodern World

My condolences to the Israelis, as well as to all the dead tourists and their relatives. This is a huge and irreparable tragedy.

What has been happening in the world in recent years, starting with Covid, speaks of a complete crisis of competence, no system of prevention and containment of hazards. Where was the intelligence when the deadly virus left the laboratory? Where was the intelligence before February 24, 2022? Where was the intelligence before the Hamas attack?

And another important factor. That Russian aggression was not stopped in the preparation stage is also a question for the world community. Allowing its deployment and realization gave carte blanche to all other world destructive forces. What is so logically and historically natural that only those who ask “Why is it so?” are surprised.

We are not dealing with some irrational “evil”, we are dealing with a causal historical failure that has broken the architecture of global security.

P.S. The post is called “The Crisis of the Unmodern World” because traditionalist models of being, which people still carry around with them like suitcases without handles, remain breeding grounds for all sorts of parasites (including terrorists).

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