Leonid NEVZLIN: “Help the viewer of Dozhd/Rain to realize: Russia is occupied by the Russians themselves”

Again today, a Russian missile killed more than fifty people in the Kharkiv region. People of a small village with their children went out to the store. They were gone in an instant. Only a few managed to survive with lifelong injuries. Life in Ukraine consists of such episodes. They have become disgustingly familiar.

After this tragic news, Facebook brought me a post by Ekaterina Kotrikadze, head of Dozhd’s/Rain’s news service, expressing outrage at the invitation to the Free Russia Forum of her namesake Margolis and former Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves. The essence of the outrage is also familiar. Do not tell Russians the truth about their past, they are already suppressed. Don’t call Russians to action: they can’t do anything. Don’t tell Russians that they are a danger in Europe: you are playing along with Putin. Don’t urge Russians to help the AFU with money and to take up arms on the side of the Ukrainians: Russians don’t want war, because they say “no war” a hundred times a day, isn’t that enough?!

Not enough, dear Katia. There is very little information about Russia’s historical past, about its actions towards Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia… There are very few books, discussions, films, programs. By the way, I did not find any historical programs or stories on Dozhd. There are very few questions to ourselves: why our country Russia killed and is killing its neighbors? Where does this come from in us? Why do we choose and support force, violence and are willing to live in the Gulag as a comfortable environment? Do we know enough about the history of World War II and why do we still love Stalin in our country?

Instead, your channel creates a beautiful “Russian avatar” for itself and its viewers. He went to the rallies, he supported and supports Navalny, he even sat in the detention center for a solitary picket, he donates to the work of Dozhd and really wants everything to end soon, because he just wants to live in his country and did not choose Putin. He’s for peace! No war! Europe, let him in on your vacation, he’s yours.

Today this is no longer enough. Tell your viewers the truth – that this war cannot be won without the Russians from the Russians. Tell your viewer, who rides the Moscow subway with his morning latte, that the future of his children depends on the defeat of his country, his beloved Russia. Help your relocant viewer in the Netherlands understand that “abolishing the Russians” is nonsense deliberately invented for his temporary mental relief.

Help your Dozhd’s viewer to finally realize: Russia is occupied by the Russians themselves, the country is sick and its recovery requires injections of enlightenment and the blood of citizens loyal to the Russian flag. Spilled on their land, for their future. There is no other way.

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