Igor EIDMAN. Don’t you feel sorry for the Indians?

Simonian lives and, most importantly, speaks without regaining consciousness. In this state, she spills what the Russian ruling elite hides in the collective unconscious.

Why would she want to detonate an atomic bomb over Siberia and not somewhere closer to Moscow? The point is that Siberia in the minds of the Moscow “elite” is a distant colony inhabited by some wild aborigines who roam the taiga in the arms of bears. The colony gives oil and gas, gold and diamonds. But don’t feel sorry for the natives. If they do die out, they can be replaced by North Korean or Central Asian workers.

The main thing is that Siberia is far from Moscow. This means that Muscovites will have no problems. Why not experiment on Siberia with nuclear weapons to intimidate the whole world. And the aborigines? God be with them, they’ll get by somehow. The main thing is not to run out of oil and gas, but a high-altitude nuclear explosion will not lead to that.

Of course it’s nonsense. But it reflects the colonial psychology of Moscow’s surrounding government.

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