Aleksandr MOROZOV. A vote of despair

No, I find it hard to understand: people who fled the country because of participation in some previous “elections” are calling for participation in the elections. Despite the fact that, from my private point of view, it is impossible to participate in Russian elections after the annexation of Crimea, I am sympathetic to the rhetoric about elections – those who have stayed and are boiling on a slow fire inside the cauldron. You can say to yourself: even though this is meaningless rhetoric that will still lead to either flight or silence — they have no other way to express themselves at this point. And after 2014, I wrote about how this is a “vote of desperation”. That is, not a political gesture, but a purely existential one. But if you’re already gone, what election! It’s just a “split false personality” (see “Chapaev and the Void”). It is simply leaving oneself in a state of long deprivation, which leads nowhere.

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