Leonid NEVZLIN: “Medinsky’s history textbook is a manual for future murderers”

It’s easy to mock the new history textbook that Medinsky presented a few days ago, because its authors are historically illiterate animals. Many have happily done so, and I will not compete with them in wit.

I didn’t settle for quoting from the textbook, but forced myself to read it carefully. In fact, this textbook is a serious and not at all a toy weapon in the Kremlin’s struggle. But not for the past, not for history, as we used to think, not even for today, but for the future.

First of all I’m talking about the section devoted to the “SWO” as they call it. And about Ukraine, which is very much in general in this opus about supposedly Russian history, incomprehensibly much. This is absolutely pure, unvarnished fascist propaganda, directed primarily against the Ukrainian people and the entire Western world. This is agitation for the future recruit. On September 1, this thick Nazi leaflet will be used to teach young people who, as early as 2024, may be sent to Ukraine with weapons in their hands to continue the war.

This manual for future murderers screams that Putin is not going to end the war. The purpose of this textbook is to lobotomize the graduates of 2024 and beyond. Just another sledgehammer made by Medinsky – the Count Uvarov of our days – to forge disposable cadres for the army of a pissed off grandfather.

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