Aleksandr SKOBOV. The revolution of the ghouls

Does digging into the “mistakes of the 90s” have anything to do with the tragedy of the war in Ukraine? Alfred Koch believes it does not.

I disagree with him. The war in Ukraine was caused by the social system, the foundations of which were laid in the 90s. The fatal mistake of the “reformers of the 90s” was that for the sake of implementing their wonderful (as it seemed to them) program of market reforms they went into a political alliance with ghouls.

In ’91, the ghouls swore an oath to vegetarianism and at first seemed not scary at all. But it was naive to think that they would sit on tomato juice forever. They longed for a “renegotiation of the terms of the contract”. It was they who pushed Yeltsin to the bloody denouement of the political confrontation of ’93.

But the blood spilled in Moscow was only enough for the ghouls to “recover” slightly after a period of forced abstinence. They demanded “continuation of the banquet”. And a year later they pushed Yeltsin into the bloody mire of a dirty colonial war against the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. This is where the real “feast of the spirit” began. In the course of it, the state regained its “right” to trample on any moral and legal norms, which it had lost for a while. The “right” to unlimited violence and unlimited cruelty. So it was possible again.

Meanwhile, as a result of market reforms, carried out largely by the hands of ghouls, an economic system was formed in Russia, which, like a ghoul of sunlight, was afraid of any change of power. Because all the rights of the new large owners were, to put it mildly, bird-like and depended on the same ghouls in power. And any “shift of power” (even between ghouls) entailed a large-scale redistribution of property. Any new ghouls in power sought to take property from the vassals of the previous ghouls and give it to their vassals.

Defense against the succession of power was critical for the system. And for that, again, the ghouls were needed. In the end, the old and new ghouls (KGB and “authoritative businessmen”) merged into a single new ruling class of Putin’s Russia. This class, which rapidly achieved incredible wealth and immense power by means far from legal, believed only in force. It looked at the world around it as a field of eternal war of all against all, a wild field of its own free hunting.

This class did not understand why Western suckers, bound by all sorts of restrictions, would lecture it about human rights. When he came into power and felt it, the Nazi ideas of exclusivity and superiority, imperial revenge and world domination suited him perfectly. The transition of the New Russian “elite” to the positions of anti-Westernism and anti-Americanism was absolutely inevitable.
And you say that there is no connection between the “mistakes of the 90s” and Putin’s Russia’s attack on Ukraine. And even if some part of the ruling elite triggers the instinct of self-preservation and wrests power from the hands of a group of completely deranged geopolitical maniacs and crawls back to stop the war, the system will still be pregnant with a new resentment and a new war.

So – no prancing around with the ghouls and their daytime representatives. No attempts to “get into power” and “positively influence it”. To the ghouls – only an aspen stake. Only the complete demolition of the entire Putin elite and the system associated with it.

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