Igor EIDMAN: “There’s a new scandal brewing in Russia’s top brass: FSB vs Kadyrov”

Is it going to blow up soon?

The attack on Milashina and Nemov is not just another despicable crime committed by the regime. It exposed its split and its crisis.

It seems that a new scandal is brewing within the Russian leadership: the FSB versus Kadyrov. What is unexpected is not the attack on the journalist and the lawyer (quite common in Russia, unfortunately), but the reaction of the authorities.

A number of Russian officials have already expressed their hypocritical “concern” about this case. Among them are the famous Chekist stooges Khinshtein and Klishas. Do you think they are suddenly concerned about repressions against journalists? No, of course not. Apparently their FSB handlers decided to use the attack as an excuse to attack Kadyrov’s people.

The relationship between the FSB and Kadyrov is no better than the one between Prigozhin and the Ministry of Defense. The cold war between them rarely goes public, but it goes on for years. Apparently, Shoigu’s hardware victory over Prigozhin inspired Bortnikov, and he decided to launch an attack on Kadyrov. Kadyrov’s deteriorating health and the weakening of his position due to the failures of Kadyrov’s tic-tac-toe army in Ukraine may have contributed to this.

Apparently, we are in for another entertaining toadstool. Internal contradictions are intensifying, and the pressure in the system is growing.

Prigozhin’s mutiny did not lead to a fatal collapse of the system only thanks to a happy coincidence. The explosion was not prevented, but delayed. The cause of it could be any next conflict in the ruling elite.

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