Alfred KOСH: “This is a war between free men and slaves”

One year and one hundred and twenty-five days of war have passed. On the front, according to ISW maps, the AFU has almost completely cut off the Vremevsky ledge.

But the capture of Berkhovka (about which the various spokesmen of the AFU spoke a lot today) never took place. But there has been a small advance south of Bakhmut, near Kurdyumovka, and Ukrainian soldiers are already fighting on its outskirts.

It is a separate pleasure to observe the expansion of the AFU bridgehead on the left bank of the Dnipro near the Antonovsky bridge. It seems to me or is it really so, but today it has become a little thicker.

However, the main thing is that it is there and for three days the Russians can do nothing with it. If the bridgehead has been held for three days, it means that Zaluzhny really needs it, right? So the Russian generals understand that? And they still can’t drive the enemy back to the right bank!

Today, the quite serious newspaper wrote that Prigozhin was seen in St. Petersburg. And it even published a picture of a man who resembled Prigozhin, walking around St. Petersburg. His face was covered by a medical mask.

I don’t know what this could mean. But it is quite possible that Putin is right, and that the “musicians” were indeed used blindly, so that there would be a legal pretext for reprisals against them (otherwise how could the “heroes of Artemivsk” be repressed?). And here they are: rebels, rioters, not to shoot them, of course, but to shut this place down.

And at the same time to reveal those army generals who sympathize with them and are ready to join the mutiny. It is not without reason that rumours about the arrest of General Surovikin are already being circulated for two days. A typical KGB scam with an infiltrated provocateur (Prigozhin).

You see, what a favor was done by Prigozhin to Putin: and gave the authorities a reason to eliminate the Wagner PMC, and at the same time he identified the disloyal generals. The rat as it is.

Hopefully, the right people among the cons have already figured out what’s going on and are preparing to sue uncle Jenya “for the guys”. If he is not guilty, Prigozhin should come to the debriefing and answer all the right people’s questions. Otherwise… Well, you know otherwise.

What else was important today? Greta Thunberg came to Kyiv as a member of the delegation. I don’t know if she is still capable, as she did five years ago, of getting young kids up to some environmental ruckus, but she claims that she’ll be trying to do so about the environmental consequences of the explosion of the Kakhovka dam and the war in Ukraine in general.

If she succeeds, we can hope that Ukraine will be able to get a lot of private money to fight the environmental consequences of this war.

Just yesterday Putin was kissing children again, and today he is painting. He always succeeds in both of these things to the point of vulgarity and indecency. But he nevertheless won’t stop doing it. Apparently, there’s no one to tell him what it looks like. So he revels in the effect produced, mistaking bewilderment for admiration…

WSJ says that the U.S. is close to finally make a decision to transfer the long-range (300 km) missiles ATACMS to Ukraine. If this decision is made, the AFU’s ability to destroy Russian logistics will increase dramatically.

Lithuanian President Nauseda said that his country had purchased two NASAMS SAM launchers for Ukraine. They will arrive in Ukraine in three months.

Also today is the 40th birthday of my comrade Ilya Yashin. He is in prison for calling the war a war, for calling Putin a criminal and organizer of aggression, and for demanding an immediate end to this senseless war and the withdrawal of Russian troops.

I (unlike Putin) have never claimed that the Ukrainian nation does not exist. Of course it exists: it’s foolish to deny the obvious. But this war is not between Russians and Ukrainians: on both sides there are ethnic Russians and ethnic Ukrainians. The current war is a war between free people and slaves.

And Yashin is a shining example of a free man. And he is with us, even sitting behind bars. He is also fighting his own war. And we see this struggle. Be strong, Ilya. Happy birthday! Russia will be free!

Our cause is right. The enemy will be defeated. Victory will be ours.

Glory to Ukraine!🇺🇦


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