Igor EIDMAN: “Prigozhin is preparing October in Razliv”

What’s Prigozhin doing now? I’m sure he’s preparing a new coup with the help of his people in the army and special services. He only backed away because he was scared of the massacre near Moscow, realizing that it is extremely dangerous for him. But it was a temporary retreat. Such people do not stop. All the more so, he had already felt the luck and strength.

Besides, Prigozhin cannot but understand that Putin will inevitably avenge his humiliation, his own shameful fear. If he does not eliminate Putin, Putin will kill him sooner or later.

The June mutiny was a forced false start for Prigozhin, just as the July 1917 riots were for Lenin. Then Lenin was hiding in a hut in Razliv, while Prigozhin was hiding in Belarus, in a windowless hotel room, as the American press wrote.

Lenin soon orchestrated a successful October coup. Prigozhin, too, will inevitably prepare his October.

Even if, as they say in the Telegram, Surovikin has been jailed, Prigozhin undoubtedly still has plenty of people in the army and special services. He can rely on them in a future conspiracy.

Lukashenko has long quietly hated his Kremlin benefactor, who has been treating him like a servant in recent years. Telling the story of how he saved Putin, he not only humiliates the Russian dictator, but also exalts Prigozhin, who, in his version, stopped not because the putsch failed (as Russian propaganda claims), but allegedly by giving in to the entreaties of his Belarusian friend. So the true attitude of Luka to both characters is already clear. He may secretly help Prigozhin against Putin.

At Prigozhin’s next attempt, everything must be “without noise and dust”. His agents and allies in the security services in Moscow will simply try to arrest Putin and force him to abdicate, probably in favor of Prigozhin’s partner Dyumin. And then there will be Putin’s “I’m tired, I’ll go” speech on TV.

That’s what it could be – Prigozhin’s October.

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