Alfred KOCH: “This is not a declaration of war to the General Staff of Defense Ministry, but to the Kremlin itself”

One year and one hundred and nineteen days of war have passed. The front is stable and ISW maps only confirm it. But the war does not live by the front alone.

Rocket attacks on the deep rear of the Russian army continue. Today there are images showing that the Russians have set up a pontoon crossing to replace the broken bridge over Chongar. There is also information that in addition to the road bridge, the railway bridge was also smashed to pieces. And the collaborator-governor Saldo unfortunately reported that “the bridge across Chongar is more damaged than previously thought”. I hasten to rejoice him: the pontoon bridge will be even easier to destroy.

But the main event of today is, of course, Prigozhin’s speech and the events that followed it. I will begin in order.

Today a large video of Prigozhin appeared on the Web, in which he said a lot of things that will not allow him now ever to settle his relations not only with Shoigu and Gerasimov, but also with Putin. Let’s list it item by item:

– Ukraine has not bombed the Donbass for eight years. It was only an “ammunition exchange”(?);
– Donbass was robbed for eight years: the FSB, AP officials, and the thugs they brought there;
– Ukraine and NATO had no intention of attacking Russia. These are the fabrications of Shoigu and Gerasimov. They wanted war out of self-interest and career motives;
– Zelensky wanted to agree on everything long before the war. He should have simply “come down from Mount Olympus” (to whom? Isn’t he kicking Putin?) and entered into negotiations. But instead they decided to go to war and put Medvedchuk in charge of Ukraine by force;
– Russia’s army has been stolen and looted.

How does it feel?! Great, isn’t it? (If I’ve forgotten anything, don’t mind me, but I’ve listed the main things). I hope Prigozhin thought this through before making this speech. This is a Rubicon crossing and declaration of war not to the General Staff of Defense Ministry, but directly to the Kremlin. Do not have any illusions about it. As Julius Caesar said in a similar situation: “The die is cast!”.

Almost immediately there were reports and even videos that the Russian army shelled the rear camps of the Wagner PMC. Thousands of mercenaries were killed. How much this corresponds to reality I can not judge. And although the Russian Defense Ministry immediately denied with indignation its involvement in these attacks, everything looks very plausible.

After that, Prigozhin announced that he and 25,000 of his fighters are launching a campaign against Shoigu and Gerasimov (the so-called “march for justice”). But it is not clear where he is coming from and where he is going. Maybe Rostov, maybe Belgorod or Voronezh. Or maybe even to Moscow.

(Although in my opinion, he should go to Bakhmut, to break through to the AFU. And already together with Ukraine to go to Moscow and there to seek their justice and their offenders. Especially since there are still the remnants of the Wagner PMC in Bakhmut, which at the moment opened fire on the Russian troops there).

Then everyone rallied round. The Prosecutor General’s Office has opened a criminal case. The FSB and Rosgvardiya also began to act and set up roadblocks on the Rostov–Voronezh–Moscow highway. In Rostov, all law enforcers were placed under barracks status and provided with weapons. They introduced the “Fortress” plan.

And according to the latest information, a few minutes ago, the Wagner PMC entered the territory of Russia through the Novoshakhtinsk and Voloshino checkpoints in the Rostov region.

The Wagner convoy at Novoshakhtinsk stretched for 50 km, and at Voloshino – for 80 km. It looks impressive and quite intimidating.

The border guards, after talking to them from the first tanks that arrived, freely allowed the “musicians” into Russian territory. However, I completely forget that now the Donetsk region is also considered to be Russia by them…. (It is unclear why there are border guards there).

The FSB is threatening all the Wagnerians with terrible penalties, calling it a coup d’état and suggesting that they orchestrate Prigozhin. Even Prigozhin’s favorite Surovikin made an appeal to the PMCs and urged them to immediately stop all this outrage.

Already, armored personnel carriers drive back and forth in Moscow, and put the creeps on the civilian inhabitants. Sources who wish to remain anonymous say that there is panic in the presidential administration. But Peskov says that Putin is aware of this.

However, he always says so, so whether he is or not is unknown…

And what about Putin? Today Putin met with the head of some endocrinology institute, who explained to him in great detail that diabetes is rampant in Finland, but not in Russia. And all because Finns are descended from Neanderthals, and Russians are descended from Homo sapiens. And there in a rather rambling way he talked about the difference in food between hunters (Neanderthals-Finns) and farmers (Homo sapiens-Russians) and what this has to do with the spread of diabetes mellitus…

I don’t understand anything about this science. I only remember from Scripture that Cain the farmer killed his brother, the hunter and herdsman Abel. Not the other way around. Not the other way around… And Cain’s seal is not on meat-eaters, but on the very best vegetarians… This is about the “innate peace-lovingness of the Russian people”, if anything…

And Putin also recorded an address to the nation on the occasion of “Youth Day”. That’s what the pro-government TV channels are broadcasting now. I don’t know if he had time to find out that Prigozhin was plotting a coup d’etat? Or did he have no time to deal with all this nonsense? Just think of the diabetes problem in Finland! We’re neighbors! We’re people, after all. Even though they joined NATO, they are God’s creatures: I pity them…

How all this will turn out we will only know tomorrow. But in any case, all this is clearly for the benefit of our victory over them. And once again confirms that our cause is right, the enemy will be defeated and victory will be ours.

Glory to Ukraine!🇺🇦


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