Aleksandr SKOBOV: “No Putin, no “Putin majority”

I looked at what liberals are writing. Mostly they lament the collapse of statehood and the collapse of law and order. Well, what did you think of this statehood and this law and order? What good have you seen from them, except for meanness and violence? Maybe people will somehow sort things out among themselves without them? The number of people who will die is definitely an order of magnitude less than the number of people Putin’s plutocracy has already killed in the Ukrainian war.

Or they scare us that it’s all a hoax to impose martial law. So what? Well, martial law will be introduced. And this will destroy the illusion of normalcy on which Putin’s regime rests. But a liberal does not think like that. He thinks only in terms of “it will get worse for me, poor me”. At least they don’t offer themselves to the Kremlin.

In general, no matter what kind of a scumbag Mr. Yevgeny is, he has turned all of Putin’s cronies on their ear! It’s a small thing, but it’s nice. But seriously, if any “elite group” manages to use the Prygozhyn performance to seize power, it will be a blessing. The secret of Putin’s dictatorship is that Putin has managed to combine completely different strata with completely different aspirations into the so-called “Putin majority”. But this majority is tied exclusively to Putin personally. If Putin disappears, this majority will disappear as well. The political structure will crumble. And any of Putin’s successors will be much more limited in their ability to do what they want.

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