Igor EIDMAN: “The tongue ever turns to the aching tooth. Who cares about what, but Putin is all about gays”

From the news: “Putin instructed the Ministry of Health to study the behavior of LGBT people in a specially created institute”.

Putin has a morbid interest in this topic. The forbidden, or rather, forbidden fruit of his own choosing beckons him. It’s been known for a long time: the tongue ever turns to the aching tooth. Who cares about what, but Putin is all about gays.

A few years ago I was able to read a report by an American psychiatrist at a closed meeting of experts on the situation in Russia (my friend represented Germany there), but without the right to publish it.

The psychiatrist, based on many of Putin’s quotes, including on LGBT, sex, and gender relations, concluded that the Russian dictator, probably as a teenager under the influence of a homophobic, sexist environment, had displaced his natural homosexual orientation and, as happens in such cases, became a sadistic neurotic, authoritarian individual and an aggressive homophobe.

I would add about his sadistic attitude towards children. Only a complete sadist could have ordered the shooting of a gymnasium full of schoolchildren with flamethrowers in Beslan, the kidnapping and hiding of Ukrainian children in Russia, etc.

Below are quotes from Karen Horney’s book “Our Internal Conflicts. A Constructive Theory of Neurosis” describing the behavior of sadistic neurotics. Doesn’t it remind you of anything?

“Vindictiveness, which often seeps, like poison, through every cell of the sadistic personality. The sadist is not only vindictive, but is obliged to be so, because he directs his violent contempt for himself outward, i.e., toward others. Since his self-righteousness prevents him from seeing his own complicity in the difficulties that arise, he must feel that he is the one who has been insulted and deceived; since he is unable to see that the source of his despair is in himself, he must hold others responsible for this condition…

The sadist fears that others will begin to treat him as he treats them, or as he intends to treat them. Consciously, this anxiety is expressed not so much as fear, but as a self-evident belief that they would “make an unfair deal with him” if they could, i.e., if he did not impede them by being constantly on the offensive. He should be vigilant in anticipating and preventing any possible attack enough to be practically immune from any action planned against him”.

And this description from the same book is very similar to Putin’s irrational sadistic attraction to Ukraine.

“An individual with sadistic tendencies may possess a desire to enslave others, particularly his partner. His victim must become a slave to the superman, a creature not only without desires, feelings, or his own initiative, but without any demands on his master at all…

Maintaining power over his victim is of far greater interest to the sadist than his own life. He would rather give up his career, his pleasures, or the benefit of meeting others than give his partner any independence…

In sadistic exploitation the benefit may also be taken into account, but it is often illusory and clearly not proportional to the effort expended to achieve it. For the sadist, exploitation becomes rightly a form of passion. The only thing that is taken into account is the experience of triumph over others”.

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