Dmitry GUDKOV: “There will be no security now”

Whether it is correct to say “drone strike on Moscow”, I do not know, given that at least one of them flew in the area of the village of Razdory, that is, near another Putin’s palace. Where the rest, shot down in general and off course, were directed is unknown.
Alas, retaliatory strikes are the logic of war, dragging in both those who supported and those who were silent, and those who were against it but were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Security, of course, no longer exists. Security ended the moment the attack on a foreign country began. And no nuclear weapons, no FSB can protect against a drone, a truck with explosives on a bridge, or… anything.
There will be no security now as long as there is an insane dictator in Russia and the people in his inner circle who started this war and will continue to do so, sitting in bunkers. As long as the bombs are falling on other people’s homes, whether they are Russian, Ukrainian or Belarusian.
Is it scary in Moscow now? It’s more likely to be. Is it scary in Kyiv? Kharkiv? Dnipro? And how many of those who are scared now in Russia were scared before, when the Russian army was shooting at these cities?
War criminals have seized power in Russia. The criminal war must end. Hundreds of thousands of dead bodies are not enough for Putin. That means millions won’t stop him either.
In fact, one is enough to make it stop. Though better taken alive to The Hague.
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