KOCH: Podolyak was glowing with pleasure, repeating Putin’s passages about “military store”

One year and eighty-seven days of war have passed. ISW maps did not show any significant changes today. And, apparently, now we should not expect such changes in Bakhmut either. Prigozhin is withdrawing his Wagnerians from Bakhmut. Rotation will begin on May 25 and will be completed by June 1. The Wagner PMC will be replaced by regular troops of the Russian Armed Forces.
Wagner PMC, apparently, has suffered such significant losses in manpower and equipment, that without replenishment and, as Prigozhin put it, “additional equipment and additional training”, it can no longer perform its functions.
By all accounts, the Wagnerians were the most serious force of the Russians, it was their main strike and assault infantry. And now this most combat-ready unit was put down by the Russian genius generals in Bakhmut. That is, the city, which has no not only strategic, but even operational significance.
Who set such a task for the Prigozhins? Why didn’t they reconsider it? Why did they persist in insisting on the need to take Bakhmut at any cost? For what purpose? What was the sense in it? It does not matter now. The unit was actually destroyed, and it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to restore its former combat power.
All right then. The sooner the AFU defeats the remaining units of the Russian Armed Forces. And enough about the Wagner PMC. If Prigozhin was not lying again, then I hope that we will not hear about them in this war again. Let them “equip and train” as much as they want. As long as they stay out of Ukraine.
This morning some unknown people (Russian partisans?), having obtained somewhere whether guns or mortars or drones (in a military store?) shelled (for nothing!) the peaceful Belgorod region (pure beasts!).
And then a detachment of 20 people (Russian partisans?), having obtained somewhere military uniforms, body armor, helmets, communications equipment, grenades and machine guns (in a military store?) entered (in the innocent!) Belgorod region and began hooliganism, shooting and throwing grenades. Or shooting mortars? Or launching drones? They didn’t move anywhere, just a few kilometers. One or two… Well, three… What are you saying? It’s nine kilometers to Grayvoron (a typical Ukrainian name)? Well, let it be nine. I said a few.
The valiant Russian FSB, Rosgvardiya, army and all-in-all have put into action the plan Edelweiß (where do they get these names? The next plan should be called Nachtigall, ho-ho!) and so jumped on the Russian partisans that 39 saboteurs were killed at once and the rest were taken prisoner.
What are you saying? Where did you get 19 more dead bodies from? Nobody saw the first 20, either! And anyway, the partisans were not a company, but a battalion! What? A company of more than 20 men, too? Yes? And how many? 100? So there were 100. No! Let’s say there were 2,000. It’s safer that way: what’s going to pop into our heads? What if we want to say there was a real battle? How beautiful it sounds: the battle of Grayvoron!
Anyway, those two thousand didn’t get anywhere and we killed them all. But they were on BMPs and tanks (which they also bought in a military store) and we are still catching the rest and they, after they were all killed and then recaptured, have all gone back to Ukrainian territory. I hope I’ve chewed it all out for you and there are no questions now?
Yes, Putin has been informed. He is aware of it. Reported on what? That five thousand Ukrainian occupants decided to infiltrate the Belgorod region, and we caught and killed them all. What? You can’t kill prisoners? Then it’s vice versa: first we killed them, and then we caught them. Is it all right now? Well, that’s good.
And yes. Already in the evening, some drones hit the FSB and Interior Ministry buildings in Belgorod. A fire started. The firefighters are putting it out. The drones, too, were probably from a military store. As well as the explosives in them. No one knows who launched them.
That’s the kind of nonsense Peskov and the rest of Russia’s smaller propagandistic crap was spewing today. I really enjoyed watching the state of stupor and, at the same time, panic they were demonstrating. Their comments were utterly idiotic.
Of course, Ukraine completely refused: we had nothing to do with it, it was the military trading company, you can deal with it yourselves, it was your partisans – so talk to them. And don’t accuse us for nothing. We are preparing for an offensive, we have no time for nonsense.
As the saying goes, debt is payment in full. Podolyak was glowing with pleasure when he was almost literally repeating Putin’s famous passages about “military store” of the spring of 2014.
To make a long story short. If Putin’s security forces cannot even cope with such sabotage, what can we say about how they will behave during a Ukrainian offensive? I have a very good feeling about the AFU offensive. Especially since our cause is righteous. This means that the enemy will be defeated and victory will be ours.
Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦
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