A day of dejection for Putin

The Rashists had no luck with either the war or the parades. By May 9, Putin had one victory: he managed to bring to Moscow the leaders of the CSTO member states, including a barely alive Lukashenko, who looked as if he had escaped from the hospital. A lone tank-34, Yars and Iskanders, marching Cossacks and students of military academies in front of the “happy grandfather” who had temporarily escaped from the bunker – that is all the power of the Russian state. The airborne part was cancelled in fear of drones.
For Putin, today is a day of despondency. Not just Kyiv in three days, but Bakhmut in ten months by the cherished date – not even taken. Instead of victory toasts – the hysterics of Prigozhin. If he is to be believed, then Shoigu’s army is running and exposing their flanks, the Gasprom’s PMCs do not take to their positions at all, they are not given any shells, the convicts are packed in cellophane bags. Pure failure and shame. Lukashenko also left prematurely, he did not even stay for the gala dinner, they say – for health reasons.
The Rashists, having unleashed the war and committing terrorist acts against the civilian population of Ukraine day after day, are trying to hide behind the great victory, which they want to appropriate. But – no one can be deceived anymore, it has become clear to everyone what Rascism is and that it is the main threat to peace these days. Together, helping Ukraine, we will cope with this disaster. Ahead is our, common day of victory of Ukraine and all normal people over Racism, and then – a new Nuremberg, a tribunal for war criminals.
Leonid Nevzlin
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