Revenge of the rapists

Igor Eidman: There are states where the beast-rapist is not only not curbed, but is encouraged in every possible way

If we continue Freud’s famous metaphor, the human psyche is like a rider (the sphere of the conscious) trying to rein in an unridden horse (the subconscious) with a saddle and spurs (the super-me – learned moral attitudes and prohibitions).
In traditional society, people’s attempts to rein in the beast within themselves, i.e. to suppress the subconscious urge for violence, aggression and domination, were mostly far from success (first of all, of course, this applies to men). Even in the countries of European culture, the situation has changed only in recent decades. Violence, both physical and moral, in any form is condemned here and excluded from most legal social practices. Whether we like it or not, the “wild” man, that is, the uninhibited beast, is being replaced by a man “domesticated” by a humanist culture that is politically correct and tolerant.
Many people, especially in the American and European hinterland, do not like this, of course. They are the ones who vote for Trump, AfD, Le Pen, etc. There are more of them in the U.S. and France, fewer in northern Europe. However, in any case, they no longer determine the moral climate of their countries.
But there are states where the beast rapist is not only not curbed in man, but is socially encouraged in every way. The first among them is Putin’s Russia. Here, violence, repression and humiliation of the “other” is the main social elevator and linchpin of the vertical of power. It is not for nothing that its ruling elite are called “siloviks”, although it would be more correct to call them “rapists”.
The Putin regime’s existential conflict with the West and Russia’s related aggression against Ukraine is an attempt by savage rapists to take revenge on modern humanist civilization, to impose their cannibalistic rules and norms on it. The rapists who try to turn back history are doomed.
Igor Eidman
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