Lucky grandpa smiles in a noose

Igor Eidman: Grandpa's blathering, bragging and pouting, while the noose tightens

What’s going on now? “Happy Grandpa”(c) Prigozhin) is being strangled without bringing him out of his happy state, so that he continues to think he’s doing fine until the noose finally tightens around his neck.

Grandpa talks a lot of crap, braves and chokes, and the noose tightens all the while.
This benefits Ukraine and the entire free world. As long as Putin is in a happy state of ignorance about his sad prospects, we should not expect any decisive action from him, such as general mobilization, militarization of production, personnel changes in the army. And most importantly, in this state, he will not throw atomic bombs, either – why, “everything is good enough”.
Ukraine and its Western allies are in no hurry to attack. The strike must be well prepared, reliable, fast and crushing. So that the grandfather does not have time to break down before the stool is knocked out from under his feet.
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