Anti-mobilization protests have spread across the country, with more than 2,350 people arrested since the announcement, according to OVD-Info.

At a protest in the far eastern city of Yakutsk on Sunday, a crowd of women chanted, “Give back our grandfathers!” Some residents in Sakha Republic, where Yakutsk is the capital, have been conscripted “by mistake” despite not being eligible for mobilization, illustrating the chaotic roll-out of Putin’s order.

And Crimea isn’t the only place facing an exodus; military-age men across Russia are choosing to flee rather than risk being conscripted. Video footage shows long lines of traffic at land border crossings into several neighboring countries, and surging airfares and sold out flights in recent days.

Four of the five EU countries bordering Russia have banned entry for Russians on tourist visas, while queues to cross land borders out of Russia to the former Soviet countries Kazakhstan, Georgia and Armenia were reportedly taking more than 24 hours to cross.