Program of the XI Forum Free Russia

December 2, Thursday


10-00 Opening of the Forum. Greetings from Garry Kasparov


10-10 – 11-30

Panel discussion: Global Outcomes of 2021

Speakers: Vladislav Inozemtsev – economist, publicist; Мaria Snegovaya – Postdoctoral Fellow at Virginia Polytechnic; Research Fellow at the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES), George Washington University; Elena Lukyanova – Doctor of Law, Professor at the Free University; Mantas Adomėnas – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania; Konstantin von Eggert – journalist, publicist, political commentator

Moderator: Alexander Morozov – Research Fellow at Charles University (Prague), iSANS expert


11-30 – 13-00 

Panel discussion: The Last Dictators of Europe: Lessons from Civil Resistance in Russia and Belarus

Speakers: Gennady Gudkov – politician, State Duma member in 2001-2012;  Mikhail Svetov – libertarian, chairman of the Civil Society movement, political scientist;  Alina Vitukhnovskaya (online) – writer, politician;  Natalia Radina – journalist, editor-in-chief of the independent portal Charter’97 (Belarus);  Denis Bilunov – PhD at the Faculty of Sociology, Charles University, Prague

Moderator: Ivan Tyutrin – politician, co-founder of the Free Russia Forum


13-00 – 14-00 Lunch


14-00 – 15-30

Panel discussion: Russian economy: ineffective and invulnerable

Speakers: Evgeny Chichvarkin – businessman, Sergei Guriev (online) – Professor of Economics, Sciences Po, Paris;  Sergei Aleksashenko – economist, Ilya Ponomarev – politician, member of the State Duma in 2007 – 2016

Moderator: Vladislav Inozemtsev – economist, publicist


15-30 – 17-00  

Panel discussion: Putin’s Russia: an Eternal Endgame

Participants: Mikhail Shishkin – writer, Garry Kasparov -politician, chairman of the Council of the Human Rights Foundation, Dmitry Bykov – writer, poet, publicist (online).

Host: Marat Guelman – publicist, art manager


17-00 – 17-30    Coffee break


17-30 – 18-45

Panel discussion: Opposition in Emigration: From Words to Action

Speakers: Igor Eidman – sociologist, publicist, chairman of the Forum of Russian-speaking Europeans (Berlin);  Sergei Erofeev – Research Professor at Rutgers University, USA and Senior Research Fellow at the Polish Institute for Advanced Study;  Anton Litvin – Director of the Festival of Contemporary Culture and Human Rights KULTURUS (Czech Republic);  Alina Winter – journalist (Lithuania);  Yuri Terekhov – Project Coordinator of the Free Russia Forum (Lithuania);

Moderator: Pavel Ivlev – lawyer, executive director of KRES Polishkola (USA)


December 3, Friday


9-00 – 10-15

Panel discussion: National or multinational Russia – self-determination of Russians and other peoples of the Russian Federation

Speakers: Ruslan Gabbasov – former leader of the Bashkort movement banned in Russia; Sergey Elfimov – co-leader of the Komi national movement “Dor’yam asnymöc / Protect ourselves”; Daniil Konstantinov – politician, head of the Russian European Movement (Lithuania), member of the Standing Committee of the Free Russia Forum; Mikhail Pulin – co-chairman of the Popular Resistance Association; Vadim Shtepa – editor-in-chief of the Region.Expert webzine.

Moderator: Vadim Sidorov – coordinator of the platform “Self-determination of the peoples of Russia”


10-15 – 11-30

Panel discussion: Putin’s war with history: an alternative reality from the Middle Ages to the present day

Speakers: Yuri Pivovarov – historian, Ph.D.;  Igor Chubais – Ph.D., Russian scholar, publicist;  Ivan Preobrazhensky – political scientist, publicist;  Grigory Amnuel – theater director, journalist, public figure; Dmitry Savvin – writer, publicist, editor-in-chief of the “Harbin” webzine

Moderator: Daniil Konstantinov – politician, head of the Russian European Movement (Lithuania), member of the Standing Committee of the Free Russia Forum


11-30 – 12-00 Coffee break


12-00 – 13-30

Panel discussion: Global Alliance of Democracies: Challenges and Prospects

Speakers: Andrius Kubilius – Member of the European Parliament, Prime Minister of Lithuania in 1999-2000 and 2008-2012;  Alfred Koch – publicist, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation in 1997;  Alexander Morozov – Research Fellow at Charles University (Prague), iSANS expert;  Taras Berezovets – political scientist, journalist (Ukraine);  Tom Palmer – Vice President for International Programs at the Atlas Network, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute (Washington, DC)

Moderator: Peter Zalmaev – journalist, political scientist


13-30 – 15-00

Panel discussion: The second front: new forms of hybrid aggression of dictatorships

Speakers: Anton Shekhovtsov – political scientist, chairman of the Center for Democratic Integrity, University of Vienna;  Marina Litvinenko – co-author of the book Death of a Dissident, founder of the Litvinenko Justice Foundation;  Anastasia Kirilenko – journalist for The Insider;  Cecile Vaissie – professor at the University of Rennes (France), political scientist, a specialist on Russia and the USSR; Evgeny Kiselev – journalist and TV presenter

Moderator: Boris Reitschuster – journalist, political commentator (Germany)


15-00 – 16-00    Lunch


16-00 – 17-30

Panel discussion: The limits of compromise – the experience of peoples and dictatorships

Speakers: Viktor Shenderovich (online) – journalist, publicist;  Arkady Babchenko – publicist;  Leonid Gozman – politician, psychologist;  Olga Romanova – Director of the Sitting Russia Foundation for Aid to Prisoners and Their Families;  Tomas Venclova – Lithuanian poet, writer and publicist

Moderator: Evgenia Chirikova – coordinator of the portal


17-30 – 19-00

Discussion: Can Russia get rid of the curse of the dictatorship

Participants: Mikhail Khodorkovsky (online); Garry Kasparov


Closing of the 11th Forum of Free Russia


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