Program of the IV Anti-War Conference

March 25, Saturday 



Panel discussion: Z-ideology as the basis of aggression. Who is involved in its implementation, and how. 

Moderator: Alexander Morozov – iSANS expert, collaborator at Charles University in Prague, director of the Free Russia Institute (Prague). 

Speakers: Maxim Reznik – politician, deputy of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg of V and VI convocations; Igor Yakovenko – Russian sociologist and publicist; Andrey Arkhangelsky – publicist and culture expert (Berlin); Jan Levchenko – culture expert, journalist of Postimees publishing house (Tallinn); Mikhail Savva – member of the Expert Council of the Center for Civil Liberties (Kyiv); Daria Gvindzhia – Director of Russian-language news department, National TV and Radio Company Moldova-1 (Chisinau). 


10:45 –12:00 

Panel discussion: Exodus. Social and political movement abroad in the conditions of the mass exodus from the Russian Federation. What forms will it take? 

Moderator: Anastasia Shevchenko – public figure, member of the Russian Action Committee. 

Speakers: Ivan Tyutrin – politician, cofounder of the Free Russia Forum; Dmitry Gudkov – politician, member of the 6th State Duma; Olga Galkina (Berlin) – member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg of the 5th convocation; Ksenia Maximova (London) – founder of the Russian Democratic Society; Zalina Steve – activist, member of the Russie-Libertés (Paris). 


12:30 –14:00

Panel discussion: Russian Aggression and Global Peace in 2023. 

Moderator: Alexandra Filippenko – PhD in History, Younger Generation Leaders Network on Euro-Atlantic Security (YGLN). 

Speakers: Garry Kasparov – politician, Head of the Council of Human Rights Foundation, co-founder of the Free Russia Forum; Taras Berezovets – military officer, political analyst, journalist (Ukraine); Mantas Adomenas – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania; Alfred Koch – publicist, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia (1997); Māris Riekstiņš – Ambassador of Latvia to Russia (2017 – 2023), Foreign Minister of Latvia (2007 – 2010);    


14:00 – 15:00 Lunch 


15:00 – 16:15

Panel discussion: Tribunal and Transitional Justice. New steps in 2023.

Moderator: Natalia Pelevina – political activist, coordinator of the project “Transitional Justice for Russia”. 

Speakers: Elena Lukyanova – lawyer, lecturer at the Free University; Stanislav Dmitrievsky – the Human Rights Activist; Nikolai Polozov – Russian lawyer; Bill Bowring – professor of law at Birkbeck College, University of London (UK); Daniil Konstantinov – politician, former political prisoner, head of projects of the Free Russia Forum. 


16:15 – 17:30 

Panel discussion: The Collapse of Russian Aggression and the Victory of Ukraine. Implications for Russia’s domestic and foreign policy. 

Moderator: Marat Guelman – producer.

Speakers: Gennady Gudkov – politician, member of the State Duma (2001 – 2012); Evgeny Chichvarkin – entrepreneur; Evgenia Chirikova – coordinator of the portal; Dmitry Oreshkin – Russian scholar, political geographer, publicist; Yevgeniy Kiselyov – journalist


17:45 –19:00 

Panel discussion: Kremlin’s sanctions circumvention policy. How to strengthen global democratic alliance? 

Moderator: Garry Kasparov – politician, Head of the Council of Human Rights Foundation, co-founder of the Free Russia Forum. 

Speakers: Alicia Kearns (online) – The Chair of the UK Foreign Affairs Committee; Ivars Ijabs – member of the European Parliament (Latvia); Daniel Fried (online) – The Head of the Office of Sanctions Coordination at the U.S. Department of State (2013 — 2017); Vladislav Inozemtsev (online) – economist, director of the Postindustrial Society Research Center; Anastasia Kirilenko – journalist at The Insider; Oleg Dunda – member of the Ukrainian parliament. 

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