Hands off Kazakhstan!

Statement of the Free Russia Forum condemning the military intervention of the Putin regime in Kazakhstan and expressing support for the people of Kazakhstan

Not so long ago, the Free Russia Forum condemned the collusion between the Putin and Lukashenko regimes and expressed support for the Belarusian people who fell victim to this collusion.

On January 5, 2022, the solidarity of the post-Soviet dictators reached an unprecedented level – the Nazarbayev-Tokayev regime, actually overthrown by the people of Kazakhstan, made an official request to the CSTO to send troops to the country to suppress the spontaneous popular revolution.  And this request was immediately granted by his “colleagues”.

The troops of Putin’s Russia, Lukashist Belarus, and possibly other CSTO member states intend to go to Kazakhstan, not to save it from external aggression, but to brutally suppress the people.  Thus, it can be stated that in 2022 the CSTO turned into an analog of the Warsaw Pact, under the auspices of which Soviet troops were brought in to bloodily suppress popular uprisings in Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

The Free Russia Forum protests in the strongest terms against the use of Russian troops to suppress popular uprisings in foreign countries.

We call on the Russian military not to shed the blood of the citizens of a neighboring country and not to dishonor the Russian army and flag with another crime of the Putin regime against other peoples, the moral responsibility for which will fall on their compatriots and descendants.

We assure the people of Kazakhstan of our full moral support for their liberation struggle and ask that the Putin regime and its butchers not be identified with the entire Russian people. The hearts of all freedom-loving Russians are with you today, and as Russian dissidents during the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, we address you with the motto: “For your freedom and ours!”

Hands off Kazakhstan!  Down with the regimes of Putin, Lukashenko, and Tokayev!

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