Leonid NEVZLIN. In memory of Mantas Kvedaravičius

Two years ago, Lithuanian filmmaker Mantas Kvedaravičius was brutally murdered by the occupants in Mariupol. Mantas shot amazing material, and after his death his widow Anna Bilobrova and editor Dounia Sichov edited the movie “Mariupolis 2” from it.

Anna then did an incredible thing: she not only managed to save the material shot by Mantas, but also, risking her life, managed to find in Mariupol the body of her beloved, shot by the occupants, and transport it to his homeland – Lithuania. An amazing story of love and courage.

Last spring we showed “Mariupolis 2” in Israel, a poignant statement about the war by a director tortured by the Rashist beasts. The Lithuanian General Prosecutor’s Office this year identified three non-humans suspected of killing Mantas. I believe that we will wait for their trial!

We remember Mantas, as well as the people he and Anna took out of Mariupol. Just during such an operation, Mantas was captured, then tortured and executed.

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